Concrete look plaster Rustic Graphite 11 lb (5 kg) container

Concrete look plaster Rustic Graphite 11 lb (5 kg) container

Product Code: Rustic Graphite 11 lb (5 kg) container
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Product Description

The Decor Colors USA concrete look plater provides the much desired stained and rustic concrete look finish to your decor. It is made with  a plaster  ready to apply very easy and symple. It can be applied both indoors and outdoors. It brings sophistication and modernity to your property.

    Product information

    11 lb (5 kg) container yield: up to 129 sqft with 2 coats

    Drying time:
    25 to 30 minutes per coat
    1h to touch

    Indicated for drywall, repainting, over joint compound or spackling.

    - Stained and rustic concrete look finish
    - Ready to apply

    - Interior and exterior

    Step by step application:
    Step 1: First, the wall must be flat. If not it must be smoothed with spackle or joint compound. If it is repainting and the paint is semi-gloss or satin, it is necessary    to sand with 220 grit sandpaper.

    Step 2: Open the container, stir and apply the first coat with a little product using a spatula, always making short movements and leaving no excess.

    Step 3: Wait for the first coat to dry and apply the second coat following “step 2” and wait for it to dry.

    - The perception of colors may vary according to several factors, such as: batch, room dimensions, lighting, surface types and even the different monitor resolutions can influence and distort tonalities. Therefore, it is very important to remember that our virtual catalog is only a reference, and there may be a difference between the colors shown on the screen and the actual colors of the products sold.

    - The colors can also vary according to the batches, so it is very important if the continuation of the painting requires the same batch of product.

    - The product does not cover imperfections.

    - Take care not to leave any relief, otherwise sand with 1200 final sandpaper.

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