Mica Quartz plaster Off-White 55 lb pail

Mica Quartz plaster Off-White 55 lb pail

Product Code: Mica Quartz plaster Off-White 55 lb pail
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Product Description

Product Description:

It is a latest generation textured acrylic coating, specially formulated for decorative projects that require art, style and customization, allowing you to use your creativity to create different forms of decorative, modern and sophisticated effects.
INDICATION:  Indicated for decorating internal and external masonry, plaster, fiber cement, concrete, acrylic putty or spackle, creating beautiful decorative and sophisticated effects.
Attention: Do not use product from different batches on the same wall, as color variations may occur.
SURFACE PREPARATION: The wall must be clean and sanded, free of dust, grease, oil and/or moisture. If you identify mold, wash with equal parts bleach and water solution. If the wall is worn/falling apart, scrape or brush the loose parts. Previously apply a coat of Wall Primer Decor Colors. If the wall is new concrete, wait for it to cure completely for 28 days before painting. For application on the floor, use the mortar "floor on floor", for leveling.
APPLICATION: Open the package and mix the product well before application, using a clean tool in order to avoid contamination. Fill the application tool (trowel or spatula) with a portion of the product and apply on the surface, with the trowel at 95° tilt, sliding along the wall, making long strokes, until the entire product is even. Remove excesses and level during application. After finishing the application, wait for it to dry.
YIELD (55 lb pail ): Up to 74 sqft
RECOMMENDATIONS: Do not apply this product at a room temperature below 50°F, above 104°F or with relative humidity above 85%. Avoid painting on rainy days, on surfaces heated by the sun or in strong winds.

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